List of Packet Tracer Commands

List of Packet Tracer Commands configure terminal (config t), Enter configuration mode hostname (host), Change hostname password, Assign password enable secret, Enable secret password show running-configuration (show run), Shows your configurations, does not work in config mode. do show running-config (do show run), Shows your configurations in config mode. ip address, Assign an Read more about List of Packet Tracer Commands[…]

Packet Tracer Usage with Commands

Packet Tracer Usage Open up your router in Packet Tracer and head to the CLI (Command Line Interface). Enter configuration mode, configure terminal (config t, works also) Give your router a name, hostname Router1 (host, works also) Assign password, password cisco login Enable secret password, enable secret class Encrypt passwords service password-encryption How to show Read more about Packet Tracer Usage with Commands[…]